Essie is indeed a special girl. Her story is a long one, but well worth knowing. She is an 11mth old shepard mix who was hit by a car at 9 weeks of age. Her owner brought her to a vet to be put down. The vet saw something special in Essie and decided to try to help her. She was treated for her bumps and bruises and was doing well, but the vet (in WV) noticed she was having delayed neuro issues. The vet reached out to rescue to see if we could help her and of course we said yes. Essie suffers from partial frontal acute brain damage. She came to us a few months old not being able to function really on her own. After several months of therapy and holistic meds, Essie has come a very long way. From a dog who wouldn't approach people, who was scared of her own shadow and would walk in circles repeatedly, she had to be hand fed and she had no concept of bathroom tasks. Initially we thought Essie was blind, but in fact she is not. She can see perfectly out of her left eye, and her right actually over processes information so she tends to favor her left side. She walks left to right, circles still when she is nervous or excited, also left to right, drinks out of the water bowl, left to right and eats left to right. She is an extremely happy fun loving dog, who simply exists and thrives in what she creates as her safety zone. Essie needs a VERY VERY special family to give her a home and help her understand how loved she is. Essie will never be a dog that will go for walks on leash. Part of the brain damage that effects her oversight, effects her in other ways. She is very aware of her surroundings as it relates to her center of gravity, and when leashed or harnessed that center of gravity is removed, and her comfort ceases. Essie NEEDS a home with a yard where she can come and go as she pleases and within her own comfort zone. She NEEDS other dogs to exist, as they bring her guidance and comfort just by being near. Essie loves kids and in time, with lots of patience, learns to trust her humans. She is housebroken, and knows sit and come. She is super duper special and very dear to my heart so only the best most special home will do for her. She has come such along way since she was rescued and I am very proud of her. Essie loves treats and takes them very gently (from her left side of course) and when cuddled on the couch or in bed loves loves to be petted. But she needs to let you know when she's comfy for that. I am being as upfront as possible, almost to show why you shouldn't adopt Essie, because it will take an incredibly patient, understanding, respectful home to welcome Essie in their family. And it will take time. It will take time for her to acclimate.. It will take time for her to feel and find a comfort zone and it will take time for her to show affection. But when the day comes and she does.. trust me it is the most wonderful reward !!! There is the perfect home out there for Essie with a family that will lover her unconditionally.. because that is how she loves you back!!