BARRK Adoption Success Stories

Where are they now? Read about the many success stories from BARRK adopters.


Beautiful Angelina

 Angelina is a 2 year old pit bull mix who is deaf. She was surrendered by her owners down in Georgia when she became pregnant. BARRK stepped in and rescued Angelina and she delivered her puppies while in transport to us.

Angelina was adopted by Todd last year and he has never regretted his decision! What a blessing she has been for Todd as a loving companion and service dog!

Todd wrote to us shortly after the adoption to share this wonderful story that we at BARRK would like to share with all of you.

...Tuesday I had a fainting spell from my diabetes and cancer while walking her down the road a couple houses on a warm muggy day. My disease flushes and overheats me.

Angelina knew to lead me home, upstairs while gently licking the sweat pouring off me and not letting me pass out. I pounded a tumbler of juice and collapsed into the sofa. Beforehand she'd never touched the sofa. She gently came up and laid with me for six hours solid until I felt human again. NEVER leaving my side or the sofa even for a drink of water.

She is
THE BEST SOUL I could have hoped for to have as a Family member. Thank you again for what you do, and what you did for her. You're a beautifully crafted Family, rejoice in the Love you have! Because, you're blessed to share it with others like myself.

Thank you. Todd